What Is a Search Engine | How It Works?

Doy you know that what is Search Engine and How does it work. this 21st century is all about the Internet and without the Internet, there is no work of information. In this 21st century if the person has a question in mind then he will not ask the teacher or relatives he straightly goes to his/her mobile phone and types the question and he/she found the answer in few seconds.

If there is an argument between friends with a question he opens the mobile and type the question on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. If we search about 1980s there was not that type of concept that the question running on your mind can find a solution on the Internet. And nowadays people have thousands of questions on his mind which he can find on the Internet. This generation tells that if you don't know the question then Google it.

Search Engine

What Is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a programme which collects all the database of the internet and which search the answer for the user. And the related information is shown in search result page. Like, google search the answer to your question in world wide web.

In the all Search Engine Internet websites, there is the information which people want to know. for example, people want to know about the Latest Mobile phone then the search engine provide the website list and the user need to click the link and he can get all the information about Latest Mobile.

The question you though is Keyword in the language of the Internet. Maybe you all have a question that How Does Search Engine Works?

List Of Main Search Engine

As there are many search engine all over the world but today I am going to show you the popular SE:-
    1. google.com
    2. Bing
    3. Yahoo
    4. Ask.com
    5. AOL.com
    6. Baidu
    7. Yandex.ru
    8. Internet Archive
    9. DuckDuckGo
    10. WolframAlpha

List Of Indian Search Engine

There is a search engine in India too. This search engine is not popular like the upper one but they also do good work . List below:-
    1. 123Khoj
    2. Epic Search
    3. Bhanvad
    4. GISASS
    5. Guruji

How Does Search Engine work?

I already told you that the text you write on the search engine that's called keyword. If you write "what Is Search Engine" this is a keyword. This keyword is searching the world wide web by the browser. If this keyword, website, title, content match with tags then it shows to the search result. This is for a normal people lets talks technically.

Search Engine work in three steps.
    1. Crawling
    2. Indexing
    3. Ranking and Rerrival

What Is Crawling?

Crawling means to search. It means that it gets all the information about each particular website. In this process scanning the website, What is page title, Information about keywords, how many keywords are there in content. But the Modern Crawler may have the singe information about website like what type of layout is using, Where are the Advertise, Where is the link these type of tiny information is also stored in Modern Crawler.

How To Crawl In Search Engine. There is a Bot which searches all the old and news page which is called Discovery. Bots are also called spider which visits crores of the page in a single day but it's not like you and me it just scan and read the articles.

According to the google in 1 second it visits up to 800-1000 page. If bots found a new page then Bots used to Back-end processing ( page title, meta tag, keywords, backlink, images, videos). And also check which link is connected with this particular page.

Same like that if it found a new page then it repeats the same process. Crawling+Backend, Processing+Indexting. After that without page indexing it sometimes in google search results. There are some websites which you can search through TOR NETWORK.

What Is Indexing?

Indexing is very easy in understanding. Indexing is a process in which the data found while doing the crawl and putting the database in a place is called Indexing. For example, Thinks that you have a book. The name of books, author name, reading the books is crawling and after that, the details of the listing is called Indexing. The search engine doesn't crawl a single website but it crawl and index all website of the world.

According to the Google Search Console, the Google Spider crawl 3.21 trillion pages. It means that Google has a library of Information in the whole world. Google search engine data has huge server. In which data has been stored in thousands of petabyte Drive.

What Is Ranking & Retrieval?

This is the last step of Search Engine but this last step is very complex. Because if you search something in google the first work of search is to provide you the exact information of the keyword you are searching for. People believe in the search engine of it provide relevant content to a user. In this case, google use their Algorithm. In which algorithm works in parameters. In which it focuses on content age, content keyword, and content page title.

For page ranking, google has 205 factors. These factors choose which website should be placed in what position at GOOGLE HOME. Understanding about the Rank position algorithm of google is very difficult. Inside 1 billion pages how to google search and show on its 1st page. Because of these Hackers try to hack the Ranking factors og google which is close to impossible.

A few years ago ranking was decided on how much you use a keyword, how many backlinks do you have on your website which is very easy to rank in google. But nowadays it is changing its algorithm very quickly. Google rank the types of sites in which he/she is doing a hardword for their content. Like these three steps search engine works.

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