What is Google AdSense and How Its Works?

What is Google AdSense? Many of you have been heard about AdSense. If we do blogging or doing something online work, then most of the people have the motive to earn from Google AdSense. Online earning is not a big thing everyone can earn money from the Internet, but you need hard work. It is about connecting the internet and make a website or blog and start income. Without no one gets anything. You have to be serious about your work what you are doing.

Google AdSense

If you create a blog then you need to make your blog ready for AdSense to start earning. If its approve your website then you need to put an advertisement on your blog. The ads you put on your blog gives you the money. AdSense is also one type of advertisement company from which you can earn good amount of money. lets talk detailly about What is Google AdSense | How It Works?

What Is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a Google product that provides an image, automatic text, video ads in a publisher website or blog. Most of the blogger depends on them. If your blog is approved by Google AdSense then only you can show ads on your blog. You can do two types of income from AdSense.

Impressions: This calculates and shows how many time ads have been shown. You can also think that in each 1000 view it gives $1.

Clicks: It depends how many clicks does your ads get and according to the clicks it calculates the money and gives in your AdSense account.

Once your AdSense account gets approve then you can choose what type of ads you want to show in your blog and where do you want to show the ads. If the visitor comes in your blog and clicks the ads then your earning will increase. The minimum payout of Google AdSense is $100 which you can withdraw from check or direct bank account transfer service.

This work not only on websites or blog but it works on YouTube too. Most people like watching a video than reading. Maybe this is the reason YouTube is the 2nd largest website in the world. You may notice that while watching videos on YouTube you see ads, this is also Google AdSense.

If there are no visitors on your website then putting AdSense Ads on your blog has no meaning. I don't mean that AdSense will not approve when there is low traffic on your blog or website. This is that type of advertising network there is no value of traffic it means that you can approve AdSense Ads in 0 traffic. That why this is very popular in blogging.

How Google AdSense Works?

The website which puts ads on their site is known as publisher and the which we show in our ads are known as an advertiser. For example, there are Vodafone ads showing in your blog it means Vodafone is an advertiser.

If other companies show ads on your site then it is not possible that you can directly talk with those advertising companies. There are millions of advertising companies if this happens then how you will talk for this Google start a Adwords product. With the help of this Google feature you can promote company all over the world for this you need to register and click and choose ads to add.

Every country's products are the keyword here, which you search on Google. If you have any keyword product of your website then you can show your website keyword related ads from Google Adwords.
When google Robot visits your website or blog then it detects the keyword of your blog and shows the ads related to your blog keyword.  For example, if you have written an article about smartphone then it also shows the smartphone related advertisement.

And there is another one called Interest-based advertising. If you visit the e-commerce product website then all the history data will be saved in your browser. And if you visit the blog with has the AdSense Ads then it access the last visit data and show the ads according to it. If you have an interest in ads then only AdSense show related ads for you.

This is a piece of short information about What is Google AdSense | How Its Works? If you want to know anything about Google AdSense then comment below.

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