What is Dark Net and How It Works?

What is Dark Web and how it works?

Most of the people in this era are using The Internet but do you about the Dark Web? If not then, this article will give you information about this topic. In today's world, our all activities whether it is shopping online or communication, for this all information we have to depend on the Internet.  

So you might think that you know all the things about Web World and you might have practically explored all the things on the Internet. But, you might be shocked that we have only 4% knowledge of the Internet.

Yes, Google, Yahoo, and the other engine only cover 4% of the whole Web World. And the remaining 96% of the web we don't really know about it and it is far from common man thinking.

This large part of the Internet is Dark Web. In this Dark Web, everything is available
like selling drugs online, pornography, hacking and other types of illegal works that are against the laws. And, visiting dark websites and dark web is also illegal.

Leaving its antisocial activities, Dark Web is important and has an advantage. It depends on you how will you use it. If you want more information about Dark Web then stay with us. Without any delay, let's get started.

What is Darknet?

Dark Net

This is the part of the Dark Web which can't index through the search engines.
Dark Web is also a part of the Deep Web. According to the research, only 4% of the Internet is visible to the general public and it is called Surface Web.

Which means that remaining 96% of the internet is all about "The Deep Web"
or "Dark Web".

Here, in Dark Web, there is a website that is not visible to the public because their IP address details are intentionally made hidden. You can reach the website using other tools like Tor but finding its server details is impossible. Also, tracking the website is very hard as they use masked IP addresses.                                                                                  
To reach on Dark Web you can use anonymity tools. Some popular tools are Tor and I2P. Dark Web is very popular among the black market and user protection. So, it has both positive and negative aspects.

What is Darknet Markets?

The industries which are operated on only Dark Web is known as Darknet market. 
There is lots of black market of illegal products, porn, child trafficking, the secret of government, defense secret, etc. The things and work which is banned by the government are done here.

Along with this, you can buy a credit card number, drugs, guns, subscription credentials, all hacked
Netflix accounts for and software which helps you to hack other's computers easily.

How does Dark Web works?

The working of Dark Web is totally different from usual websites. You can't access these websites through normal web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

To visit on Dark website you need a special web browser like Tor.
Only with the help of this browser you can open the dark website on your system. And, the extension of these websites is very different. Just like .onion which is the highly encrypted domain name, these are used for dark websites.

Now, you might be more excited to know more about Dark Web. And, it is common to become excited as the topic is very interesting.

  • To enter here, it is easy as other websites you have to follow some steps. Now, let's talk about this.First, you need a secured VPN service which protects your identity. Because this side of the web is not safe and a lot of hackers were waiting for their chance.                                               
  • So, you have to make your data secured by using a secured VPN service. Some secure VPN are Nord, Strong VPN, HideMyIp, Cactus VPN, Kepard VPN, and HideIPVPN.
  • After that, you have to download Tor Web Browser which helps you to safe and secure login    in Dark Web. 
 NOTE: Download TOR WEB BROWSER from their official website because there are many   duplicate web browsers which may results in many problems later.  
  •  After installing the Tor web browser, you have to close all apps and programs which help you to crawl easily in the Dark Web.

       To search Dark websites, you can choose the GRAM search engine. This is very similar to                   Google which is specially designed for the Dark Web.

How to access Dark Web through your computer: Full detailed guide

Here, you will know in detail, how you can access Dark Web using your computer.

Step 1
You must have the best VPN service whether you choose TOR or not. You have to use a VPN service. I have mentioned some of the secured VPN already.

You have to take special care of your anonymity and security if you are using Dark Web.

Don't forget that ISP(Internet Service Providers) and Law Enforcement are tracking your movement. Though, Tor Browser users use a strong secure network for them.

Recently there was news as well, about the vulnerability of TOR which was that the TOR user's real IP address had been hacked. So that they can easily get tracked. So, if you are using Tor then you have update fast. And, this type of vulnerability is very common.

Just using one VPN software, your IP address is hidden from ISP and Government Agencies. With this, it will encrypt all your Internet usage. That's by finding your real identity is somehow impossible.

Step 2

You cant open Dark Web using a common browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. To access in Dark Net you must have Dark Web browser like TOR browser bundle. To download it, I prefer only the official TOR website.

TOR Official Website:https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html closing all the programs you can use Tor Browser.

Step 3

Install the TOR browser bundle on your PC. After the completion of the download, double-click the downloaded file and choose the destination folder and extract the file.

Step 4

Start the TOR Browser

Open the folder where you have extract the TOR browser and double-click "Start Tor Browser".

After that your TOR start page is open. CONGRATULATIONS! the door is open for your Dark Web and now, you can enter the new World.

Is it dangerous to browse in the Dark Web? How?

Yes, it will be very dangerous to browse in the Dark Web if you don't care about something. Let's discuss that so, you can stay far from them and you will not face any problems.


Some websites may infect your devices using viruses and there are many types of viruses in the dark web. So, don't download the websites that you can't trust.


Stay away from hackers. Because they can easily hack your device. In the Dark Web, there is a lot of hacker forums where you can hire computer hackers and also many other types of illegal activities.
So be careful that your system might be hacked easily.

Webcam Hijacking

In Dark Web, there is a kind of website like Remote Administration Toll(RAT) which instigates you to install on your device which results in hijacking your webcam. Then, they can watch your whole activity using the camera lens.

So whenever you are browsing in the dark web use paper or clothes to cover the camera lens.

What is the Surface Web or Clear Web?

Surface Web is also known as Clear Web or Clear NET. It represents the normal internet/world wide web and you can do all the things that are done normally like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, online shopping with Amazon or Flipkart.

All the websites and web pages that can be found through the search engine of Google are Clear Net or Surface Web. It is only 4% of the whole internet. 

What is Dark Web or Dark Net?

Dark web is a small part of the Deep Web where all the illegal things are available. Everything in the Dark Web is encrypted so they are opened only by using a special browser like the TOR browser.

Websites of Dark Net can't be found from the traditional search engines. In this Dark Net, you can find lots of illegal things easily like drugs, counterfeit goods, weapons, hacking sites, X-rated sites, bitcoin buying, and selling, etc.

Why the Deep Web and Dark Web exists?

Both Deep web and dark web offer privacy and anonymity.

This Deep web helps to protect your personal information which you want to make it private.

For example, if you are accessing a bank account then they are not fully private. The bank knows that you have accessed the account.

And, here the dark web operates through anonymity. Anything that you have done is your own business. Like, cover your microphone and camera when visiting dark websites and also never use personal details.

If you can use dark websites in a good way like project search, then it is a very good thing. But, if your intention is not good then be careful that police always have eyes on you. So, enter the dark web only if it is very necessary or when you have good intentions.

What is the Dark Web?

I hope that you have liked my writing about What is Dark Web. I write about this so that my readers know the full information about Dark Web and they don't have to visit other sites.

With this, my readers will save their time and within one place they will get all the information.
If you have any doubts about this article and you want changes, then you can comment below.

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