What Is Computer Virus,its Types And How to Destroy them?

What Is Computer Virus, Its Types And  How to Destroy them?

Do you want to know What is Computer Virus?  Everyone knows how to use a computer and those who use computers must have heard about the virus.

Virus, this name is very popular on the Internet. Also, it is very dangerous for a Computer and other electronic gadgets. If the virus enters our System then it will destroy and also delete all the data stored at the system.

As Virus is not good for our health and it disperses diseases in our body, in the same way, Computer Virus also make damages in Computer System. So, all Computer Users must have knowledge about the Computer Virus.

What Is Computer Virus?

Computer virus is a small software program that was made to harms your computer operation and delete the computer data.
Computer Virus

Computer Virus enters into our system in such a way that the user don't have any idea. Computers are run by the use of different software programs and without these computer doesn't work.

Software programs are made so that the computer can work properly and some programs are made for the destruction of data.

The computer was developed by the human being and the software program which made the computer works is also written by the human being and as I already mentioned Virus is also a small program which is also written by the human being. Computer Viruses are not natural they are made by the programmer so that they can destroy other's computers.

History of Computer Virus

Robert Thomas was the first engineer who developed the Computer Virus while he was working in BBN Technologies in the year 1971.

This first virus was named as "Creeper" virus and it was the experimental program which was done by Thomas itself to infect mainframes of ARPANET. After infecting the Computer by this virus, it displays the message on the screen, "I'm the creeper: Catch me if you can."

The first person who tracked the original wild computer virus in history was "Elk Cloner". He was the person who infects the Apple II operating system by using the Floopy Disk. This virus was developed by Richard Skrenta in 1982, at that time he was a teenager.

Though the computer viruses were designed for the prank but from that it is known that installing a malicious program in the Computer memory will perform many works which may stop user for doing works on the computer in future and they don't have any control in this malicious program.

The person who named this Malicious Program as "Computer Virus" was Fred Cohen in the year 1983.

What does Computer Virus do?

Computer Viruses can corrupt or delete the data present in the Computer. It can delete all the data which are stored in the hard disk. Through the e-mail attachment, a computer virus can transfer to another computer and destroys other's data.

Virus will make your Computer speed very slow and destroy your files and programs.

What is Malware?

The full form of Malware is Malicious Software. This is also a software program that harms your computers. Malicious Software means bad software which is not good in any way and if once it enters the system, it will destroy your whole system.

From where Malware enters our Computer? Malware can enter our system from many places and the most used which is a common source in today's world is the INTERNET.

On the internet, we search for information every day. And if we visit any malicious site for information or downloading pirated software, games and movies then from that malicious online enter our computer.

Above  I described how online malware enters our system and now I will describe how offline enters our computer.

We all use Pendrive, CDs, DVDs on our computer. Pendrives and CDs are connected in our computer to insert data from other places at that time, malware enters into our system.

Types of Malware

Malware are of three types. They are Virus, Worms and Trojan horses. These all are different and their work is also different. These three will affect your Computer differently. let's discuss these in detail.


Computer virus is a small software program that was made to harms your computer operation and delete the computer data.

Types of Virus

Computer Virus is one of malware in which if it enters into the computer memory then it can destroy and change the programs, applications, files, etc.

Malicious code is replicated by itself and infects our computer. Different Types of viruses are discussed below:-

Boot Sector Virus

This type of virus infects the master and to destroy this virus you have to format the whole system. It is spread through removable media.

Direct Action Virus

It is also known as a non-resident Virus. Once it is been installed then it remains hidden in the computer memory. It is attached to those specific files to which it infects. It will not infect user experience and system performance.

Resident Virus

Resident Virus is installed in the same way that of Direct Action Virus. Also, it is very difficult to identify them.

Multipartite Virus

This type of virus will affect the system in multiple ways. This will infect both the boot sector and executable files at the same time.

Polymorphic Virus

This type of virus is very difficult to identify for traditional anti-virus programs because it changes its signature pattern whenever replicating itself.

Overwrite Virus

This type of virus deletes and infects all types of files. To remove this virus from the system user have to delete all the infected file which results in data loss. It is spread through email.

File infector Virus

Some file infector viruses are attached to the program files like .com or .exe files. Some of them also infects .sys, .ovl, .prg, and .mnu. 

Macro viruses

As the name suggest that macro viruses target mainly the macro language commands like in some application Microsoft Word.

Rootkit Viruses

This is one of malware type which secretly install illegal rootkit in the system. It opens the door for the attackers and provides them the full control of the system. It needs a Rootkit Scanner to destroy them.

2. Worms

Worms are like a virus but it multiplies itself and tries to spread more and more. This means that if the worms enter your system then it will make copies of different files and make system performance slow.

If these are copied and shared with other computers then on that computer also the worms make copies of files.

3.Trojan Horse

It is a very dangerous malware. This malware hides its identity on your computer.

For example, if you are on the internet and while visiting some site you saw an ad "Click here to win Smartphone" and if you clicked that the trojan horse malware will enter your computer through this and you don't have any idea about this.

These are present as software on the internet and thinking of genuine software you downloaded it. And inside the software Trojan Horse was hidden. It makes your computer performance slow.

Sign of Virus Infection in the System

There are some warning signs which must be known by every computer users:-

1. Slower System Performance

2.  Pop-up appeared Many times in the Screen 

3. Programs runs automatically

4. Duplication of Files by itself

5. New folders and programs installed in your computer

6.Unusual sound from Hard drive

If your system shows any of these warning sign then you must download antivirus software and scan the system.

How to prevent your System from Viruses and Worms by yourself?

I will provide you some tips to prevent your system from viruses and Worms.

1. Always install one good Antivirus Software in your system.

2. Don't open the spam emails.

3. Don't download anything like MP3, Movies, Software from unauthorized Websites.

4. Scan each downloaded application as there is a maximum of chances of having a virus.

5. Use Removable Media like pen drive, disk only after scanning.

6. Don't open unsolicited executable files, documents, spreadsheets without scan.

7. Don't click random ads which said that "Click here to win Smartphone' or any spam message.


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