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Information about WhatsApp

Do you know about WhatsApp and how can we use it? I will try to give information about WhatsApp.If you have been using the Internet or you have knowledge about the Internet then you must have to hear about this new messaging app 'WhatsApp'.With this, you must be curious and thinking that what is this App and why it is so popular? Also, where we can use this App etc.

You might be shocked after hearing that, WhatsApp has been with us for many years, in 2009 it was designed by two employees of yahoo company, at that time they went to Facebook for an interview but they got rejected. After that, with the help of the Russian coder, both the founders of  WhatsApp Brian Acton and Jan Koum refined this communication app and include more interesting features. As a result, people like it and prefer WhatsApp rather than traditional messaging service. After that, we all know about the remaining things that how it has been the highest download app in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE and APPLE APP STORE. Along with the other interesting data/facts, I made the decision to write about this post today so that you can have full details and information about WhatsApp.Now, without any delay lets get started and get more knowledge about WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is one type of free messaging apps by which any user can send a message to their friends and family with the help of the internet. There is no charge on sending a message. In addition,
you can send photos, documents, voice messages and also can have a video call.

Here, the messenger is better than traditional messaging service because it provides end to end encryption service due to which your message, photo, and videos can't be seen by any other user. Because of this reason, here is more secure than the traditional messaging service. With these excellent features, WhatsApp is more popular. With you want to download WhatsApp then you can visit the WhatsApp website where you get the download links for Android,iPhone and Windows Computer.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one instant messaging application. It is available in Android, iOS, Windows and Web-based version. With the help of this, you can send a message, files and also you can have video and voice calls.

History of WhatsApp

The development of this popular app has its own story which is interesting as the app itself. This app was developed by two founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. But, the app still needed some improvement so they don't publish in the market. After that, with the help of a Russian coder, there is lots of improvement in the app, which results in WhatsApp as one user-friendly messaging app.

Now, let's know about the history of the WhatsApp app developer which is very motivating. Jan Koum was from an ordinary family. He was born in May 1976 in the small village of Ukraine. His father was a worker of the construction company which constructs schools and hospitals and his mother was a housewife. Koum studied Computer Science and math at San Jose state university.

In this way, the childhood of Brian Acton was spent in central Florida. In 1994, he joined Stanford University and had graduation in computer science. After achieving a degree, he joined Apple Company as a software engineer. And, in 1996 he joined Yahoo. The idea of WhatsApp came in Koum's mind when he was watching a movie. He thinks that what if I develop that kind of app where we can send a description of film to a friend without any charge. Later on, he shares his idea with Brian but at first, Brian thought that it was not practically possible but after some time he took interest in the app and they develop this app.

Features of WhatsApp

In comparison with other messaging apps,WhatsApp have many different and interesting features which makes is better.Here, we will know about the features of WhatsApp which makes is different from another.


Simple and reliable messaging
With the help of this you can send a message to your family and friends free of cost. For sending a message, you have to connect with the internet and users don't have to pay the SMS Fee.

2.Group chat

In order to get contact with Groups 
With this feature, you can contact about 256 people at the same time which may include family members, coworkers, etc. You can share messages, photos, and videos at the same time among 256 people. Along with this, you can give a name to this group, mute and customize the notification.

3.Use with WhatsApp Web and Desktop

Never end your conversation
You can use WhatsApp in Web and Desktop . You can easily sync all the chat with computer, with which you can easily use your chat in any device at any time.For this, you have to use the Desktop app and to use WhatsApp Web you can visit Website.

4.WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls

Talk easily without any cost
Because of Voice calls, you can talk with your family,friends and other people with a free cost even if they are in different countries.And,  Video calls make face-to-face conversation is possible.
Voice and Video Calls of WhatsApp need your phone internet connection, so you don't need a voice plan for your mobile and don't have to think about the price.

5.END-TO-END encryption 

Here, security is by Default
There are many users who share their personal moments in WhatsApp. So, WhatApp is developed with end-to-end encryption so that other people can't see the conversation. If you have made your message end-to-end encryption then your message is seen and read by only the people that you have sent. Because of this reason, WhatsApp is a very secure App.

6.Photos and videos

You can share your best Moments
You can instantly send photos and videos to other people in WhatsApp.Also, you can capture your moment through the built-in camera.Though there is a slow connection of photos and videos but you can share it easily.

7.Voice messages

You can talk about everything you want
Whenever you don't want to write/type message then you can use voice message. It is a very interesting feature of WhatsApp which is very useful. It can be done by pressing the tap button and recording your voice message and sending it.


Share document easily
You can easily send document files, PDF, spreadsheets, slideshows and many more. You don't need any email and file-sharing apps. You can send a document up to 100 MB.

Is WhatsApp is Free?

Yes,WhatsApp Messenger is absoultely free app. You just need the internet to send the message .Thats by, the users don't have to give any Subscription fee due to this reason this messaging app us very popular in Worldwide.

Other important option if WhatsApp

  • Group Chat: As I already mentioned above that with the help of group chat you can chat/talk with large number of people at the same time.
  • WhatsApp Web: You can send and recieve WhatsApp message directly with help of computer.                                                                                                                                                               
  •  Not any Usernames and Pins: After register, you don't have to remember the username ansd PIN number.WhatsApp is integrated properly with your phone  due to which it can easil1y connected to the state address book of your phone.                                                                                           
  • Always looged in: This is the most important feature of WhatsApp,you don't have to login again and again and you will not miss any notification.                                                                                    
  • Fast Connect: WhatsApp have its feature to separate WhatsApp number from your contact list which helps us to find the contact very easily and don't have to search in a large address book.                                                                              

How to register on WhatsApp

If you are going to SIGN UP on WhatsApp then you must follow the following steps:-

  1. First,enter your Phone number.                                                                                                                      
  2. Then, you will receive confirmation code in text message.                                                                               
  3. Enter that received code and your account is created.                                                                                  
  4. After that, set your Username.                                                                                                                       
  5. Also,you can  set your profile pic.                                                                                                                
  6. In this way,you can use WhatsApp on your phone.

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