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How to earn money from WhatsApp? Maybe many don't believe in it but it's true. I don't think that there is people with a Smartphone and don't know anything about WhatsApp. Nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp. What do you think that if I tell you that you can earn money from WhatsApp? The person who doesn't know about WhatsApp then I am going to tell you that WhatsApp is a Messaging App in which you can chat with one another and also share Audio, Video, and Photos.

Make Money From WhatsApp

Maybe you are thinking How WhatsApp give us money then I am going to tell you that without doing anything WhatsApp doesn't give anything. Like most of the people have the Smartphone nowadays and many of the users use their mobile just to entertain themselves they don't use for earning. So, today I am going to tell you How You Can Earn Money From WhatsApp.

How To Earn Money From WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a simple messaging app that we use just to chat, sharing photos and doing group chat with friends. This app is so simple that each and every user can easily send messages, audio, pictures for free. It means that you don't need to pay for such features but you just need a Smartphone and Internet Connection.

Now the question stands on how to earn money using WhatsApp. It's true that we cannot earn money directly from WhatsApp but if we know the knowledge we can earn good amount of money. In this article, I am going to teach how you can earn money from WhatsApp.

What Do You Need To Earn Money From WhatsApp

If you need to earn money these are the most important thing you need.

  • Smartphone
  • Good Internet Connection
  • WhatsApp Groups with many members

WhatsApp Earning Method

To earn money from WhatsApp you need a lot of mobile numbers who use WhatsApp. These type of numbers is found from different WhatsApp Group. You just need to add this type of WhatsApp group just to get numbers. And I will tell you how you can earn money.

How Can We Earn Money From WhatsApp Group

Earning money from WhatsApp means earning from WhatsApp Group. Because In WhatsApp this is only the place where you find many people. As we know in WhatsApp Group the maximum limit is 256 Members. And you can add all the members in your group. Now the question is how you bring many members once. Little forward I am going to give you some tips from which you can increase your group members.

The first thing you need to do is that tell all your friends and relatives that you are going to create a Group which is a benefit to all. And tell them to share as much as they can.

You can get new WhatsApp members from them

Besides this, you can use facebook. You can find tons of WhatsApp Groups from which you can collect the numbers.

You also can use different social networking sites to get numbers.

You also can get paid apps in the Google Play Store by which you can find category wise members and choose which is suitable for your group.

In this place you need a patience because the group doesn't grow quickly, it needs time. You need to post content regularly which helps t grow your post faster. These are some tips that how can you grow the members of your WhatsApp Group.

Earning Through Link Shortening Websites

These are very useful sites to earn money. In these sites, you just need to short the link of popular websites through link shortening services. If you shorten a link then you need to share in your WhatsApp Groups and if someone clicks the link then you earn the money. The more clicks in the link the more amount you make. Here are some most popular Link Shortening websites.

  • Linkshrink.Net



Affiliate Marketing Method

Affiliate Marketing is also a very good method of earning through WhatsApp. Many People If you don't know about Affiliate Marketing it means that this is a platform in which you need to sell other products and you get Commission based on how expensive and profitable items you sell.

There are many companies which attract people to advertise their products and give good amount of commission. You can also share the product links to the WhatsApp Group and publish in which you can get good amount of commission if someone buys from that link.

There are many trusted Affiliate Programs and some are listed below:-

  • Amazon

  • Flipkart

  • Snapdeal



Earn Through PPD Networks

If you don't know what PPD means then its full form is Pay Per Download. In this network, you just need to download a file and they pay for it. The more you increase the number of downloads the more you earn money. Here is a list of some trusted PPD( Pay Per Download Network)

  • UsersCloud

  • UploadOcean

  • Daily Uploads


  • ShareCash



There are many other methods like Youtube Channel and Website Promotion, Paid Promotion, Online Teaching and many more.

Our aim is to satisfy the reader who reads our article. If you have any questions about this topic then please comment below and if not then give your feedback.

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