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I think you know about what is TikTok. If yes then today I am going to teach you how to earn money TikTok.If you don't know about TikTok: Short Video Platform then this article is also about the information of TikTok. This video clears all the doubts about TikTok.

I know that there are many readers who use TikTok but actually don't know how to earn money they are using just for entertainment. This is because TikTok is not a stable platform like Youtube which is popular and stable. And there are no ads services whereas Youtube has Google Adsense.

That's most of the people still thinks that they couldn't earn single money from TikTok because it doesn't provide ads. If you are also thinking that you can't earn from TikTok then you are in big misunderstanding. This whole article is all about How to Earn Money From TikTok.

How to Earn Money From TikTok

TikTok To

Maybe you have to think about how to earn money through this type of short video platform. Then the answer is yes you can. If you think TikTok as a business then you can earn a money like a professional.

To earn in TikTok you don't need to wait for 18 years. If you are below 18 years then also with the help of parent co-operation which is totally legal in this platform.

1) Earn Money Through Gifting

Before TikTok it was known as in which live streaming feature was very popular among teenagers.

As the Musically has changed name to TikTok but the live streaming platform is popular but the name changed to Go Live in which TikToker needs 1000 followers which is the key to a live stream.

In the live stream, the followers can gift the coins. If they like the video. If you collect lots of coins then you can convert coins into money. This coin is also a virtual currency in TikTok. TikTok user needs to buy the coins. The coins cost depends upon the pack size.

The user also can be used to buy Emojis and Diamonds which is valuable as Diamonds. This is given to the TikToker if the user likes the performance. Performers can redeem the point of the gift whenever they want. The maximum redeemable amount of $1000 per day.


2) Brand Partnerships and Influencer Marketing

TikTok is not different like other social platforms. If you are popular TikTok creators then you are in the eyes of many brands. In that case, you can approach the brand partnership they can make you the influencer promotions.

In Brand partnerships with companies, they perform very. In this partnership, you just need to promote the brands and products in the videos.

The brand promotion which you are going to promote should not look like promoting the product. It must look like using natural products which are filmed naturally by the brands.

3) Brand- Sponsored Event and Participate

Many of the TikToker also earn money in participating off-platform too. That's happened only if you have a good reputation in the TikTok platform. Brands approach the popular creators and invite them to the Brands Event.

4) Selling Merchandise

If you are having huge support in TikTok then you can establish a Shopify eCommerce store in which you can sell your own products. In this case, you just think something unique which is not available in the normal market. You should focus on the highest selling products like T-Shirts, Brands, Bracelets, Caps.

Think about one thing that your TikTok followers don't come to see ads. That's why you need to upload the video to promote your own merchandise in a very attractive way.


There are many other topics from which you can earn money for TikTok but listed above are the very simple and easy ways to earn money from TikTok for normal people too. You don't need to be professional to earn money from TikTok if you have a huge fan following.

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