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In this generation, every single person has a smartphone in which people can do many more things only from a smartphone. Because of the smartphone, the works are very easier. With the help of the phone we can do Shopping, Banking, Communicating and many more which makes it much easier than before. Fast mobile data networks like 3G and 4G invention in smartphone video calls are becoming very popular to talks with friends, family, and relatives. Video calling is the very attractive and unique technique which helps not only to communicate but we can see their face in the smartphone.

Best Video Calling Apps

Nowadays in all types of smartphones, there is a high-quality front camera. With the help of a front camera and high-speed internet on a smartphone, we can do video calls. For video call we need good video calling apps on our smartphone. Not only on your phone but the person you are going to video call that person should also have the same app installed on his/her smartphone then only you can do a video call. I am going to tell you which video calling app is better on the smartphone. Let's start Best Video Calling Apps For Android?

List Of Best Video Calling Apps For Android

As there are many Video Calling Apps in Google Play Store but listed below are the best for video calling.

1) Line

The line is the very popular video calling app of Android phone in which one device connect with another device and request a face-to-face video call option. This is very simple to use for this you just go to the line list and choose the person to whom you want to video call. You can use this for free for this you just need to go tp Google Play Store on your phone and install. With the help of Line, we can many audio messages. If you have a fast internet connection then it provides high-quality video calling features.

2) Google Duo

Google Duo is an advance video calling app which is launch a few months before.  To use a video call feature from google duo you just need to give a phone number and make an account as same as other apps we use other apps for signup. After dialing the number your account will be created in a few minutes then you can video call your friend easily which is in your phone contact list. The best feature about this app is when you are in your video call with someone without your permission video call will not close because the duo app connects very fast and also better in slow network speed.

With the help of this app, your all calls are default end-to-end encrypted so that the third person or hacker cannot record or listen to what you are talking about. You can download and install the Duo app from Google Play Store.

3) IMO

IMO is also a popular app which provides free video calling features also provides high-quality video or voice call. For the 2G network, it is the best video calling app besides this no other video calling app to perform well as IMO performs in the 2G network. With the help of this app you can send infinity messages to your friends, you can send photos and share the video. Not only this you can do a video group chat with friends in 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

In this app,, you get many stickers with the help of these stickers you can share feeling with them. Before start video calling in IMO you need to create an account and also your friend also needs to have an account of IMO not only that but also need an IMO app on the smartphone. All calls and chats of the IMO app are encrypted.

4) Hangouts

Hangouts is a google product. This is also a well-known video calling app of Android devices that you need to install. This is a complete messaging app in which we can messages, video and audio calls with the person we want. With the Hangouts app, we can video call up to 10 people in a single time. To create Hangouts accounts you need a google account. To start messaging you need to open the Hangouts app and click the Add (+) option and choose the person in the contact list with whom you want to talk and click on the video camera sign and after that video calling start.

5) Skype

Maybe many people have heard something about skype. Because in the video calling world this app is very popular and also the best video calling app for Android. With the help of Skype, we can video call to every sing person in the world free of cost. This app is very easy to use because of this every people can use in its first use without any help from other people. This app also has high-quality video calls features.
More than 800 million people are registered in this app. We can use this app in every device like desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Beside voice or video call and also share files with friends.

These are the 5 Best Video Calling Apps For Android with the help of this list you can talk with your friends and family. I am sure that you like our article. If you are using different video calling app then don't forget to share with us.

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